Art Container is a symbiosis of a shared studio space and a gallery, it`s aim is to offer a creative environment and a possibility to exhibit and perform.

Art Container is the main gallery of Polymer, focusing mostly on independant visual and performance art. It has two gallery spaces and a shared studio.  From 2007 until the beginning of 2009 it was run under the name of Non Grata Art Container.
Art Container is a gallery that is open 24 / 7 for a wide variety of creative practices. It's a uniting platform for different diciplines with exhibitions, art events, regular workshops, literary evenings, video screenings and music events.

Starting from January 2008 a series of international art and performance events was launched with the name of "Global Container" featuring both international and local artists.  There have been seven Global Container events so far with performers from USA, Spain, Finland, UK, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Germany, Latvia and France.

In addition: screenings of history of alternative cinema led by Estonian artist and musician Mihkel Kleis, a series of literature discussions hosted by Sandra Jogeva; a program of two weeks introducing Estonian and international video art and independent documentaries; screenings of historically important video and performance art by Tanel Saar.

Several book presentations have

taken place at

Art Container, together with video premieres, performances and exhibitions by the authors.

The residency program in collaboration with the Culture Factory Polymer started in 2007. During that time there have been artists staying, working, performing and exhibiting from USA, Canada, Chile, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland and Mongolia.

In addition to all above there is a continuous program of exhibition. The 31 exhibitions mounted varied from solo or group to curated exhibitions that included painting, video, installation, printmaking, and performance documentation.

One of the aims of Art Container, specially of the shared studio space, is to offer a supportive creative environment, which is vital to young artists' development.

Art Container is a non profit institution and plans to stay as such.  Its program is flexible-- in general it is not fixed for more than six months ahead of time. This creates a possibility to maneuver and accept different artists with a short notice time.

There are no limitations to the art exhibited in Art Container regarding the genre or the artists` age. It is most important that they have something to say to the world with their art and are offering an alternative point of view both to the art world and a society.


Board of directors


Tanel Saar
Sandra Jogeva
Erik Alalooga