About my project of Bathers:


 Photographs of Bathers presents pictures of enjoyment that transcends the boundaries of ordinariness and everyday life. The photographs also attest to the vitality of water as an element that caresses both the human body and mind. Clean, refreshing water is vital for all life and it is necessary that its supply be maintained. In a world of rapid transboundary movement and action, the global water issue has been recognised for a long time. News about problems are broadcast continuously, because without clean water there can be no life. The climate is warming, with winter snows coming later and thinner every year. Will our only testimony of freezing winters in the future be photographs of a past when it was still possible to experience the diversity of snow and ice?

The 12 photographs of bathers are also a condensed story about and a statement in defence of clean and refreshing water that we must care for and share in many ways. The storytellers in the photographs are the people I have photographed enjoying the many forms of bathing.

The Book and the exhibition (Maahenki, Helsinki 2007; ISBN 978-952-5652-14-7)


Päivi Eronen was born in Pielisjärvi, in Finland 1961

mobil: +358-50-3485589

Email: eronenp@pp.inet.fi

Studies: University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Master of Arts 1993. Lived in Austria between the years 1989-1994. Lecturer in Photography in the School of Fine Arts of Imatra in years 1994-97, Lecturer in photography in the Polytechnic of Fine Arts, South Carelia, from the year 1997-2008, Professor in Photography in the University of Applied Sciences 2009-


10 Individual exhibitions since 1993: in Finland,  Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Austria, most recent ”the Bathers” in gallery of Union of Photo Artists in Hippolyte,  Helsinki, Finland 2008.

Since 1984 She has taken part in several group exhibition both in Finland and abroad in Germany, Sweden, in Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Estonia,  Mozambique and Spain



1989 Portfolio ”Night Portraits"

2007 The Bathers



2009 One year Artist Grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

2007 One year Artist Grant from the National Council for Photographic Art

2006 Quality Support for Publications for Photographic Art

2002 One year Artist Grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

2000 One year Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Southeast Finland



Union of Fine Artists in South Carelia , Union of Photo Artists in Finland