Saturday, November 21

Starting from 7 PM

At Culture Factory Polymer Madara 22


(Oulu, Soome)

Halo Manash will release their newest album and film, titled "Taiwaskivi"

7pm - Film Screening

8pm - Live Sound Performance / Forest Music

Halo Manash signifies both the one and the many at the same time: the abstract and the concrete, the hidden and the revealed... the ever-flowing; evolution, expansion, the cyclic yet progressive continuity.

It is the aim of the personnel involved in Halo Manash to seek, explore, experience, study and decipher reflections of the ever-shifting shapes and spaces of different worlds. These findings are presented through elemental music and various visual elements. In Halo Manash, sound and movement come together as rhythmical language that facilitates communion with elemental beings. Our aim is to revitalise one of the oldest subconscious forms of communication, to open the gates with the aid of music and widen the horizon of perception concerning states of otherness lying in-between the cardinal directions.

Halo Manash is a pilgrimage to the borderlands of dreams, pure consciousness, and primal being – and possibly beyond. ^~o

Recently HALO MANASH have been the headline performance for the 'Stella Natura' Festival in California, September 2009. Other past festivals have included CoCArt (Poland) and Nuit Et Brouillard Festival (Belgium), HALO MANASH have also made performances extensively through France and Russia. Now finally Estonia is to be graced by this ambitious and daring presentation of sound.

Here is some sample footage of their sounds and actions: